Dr. Cheney's main strike at the XMRV virus, though, will focus on herbal products called arteminisins (artesunate and wormwood) that are able to inhibit a central inflammatory factor called NF-kB. He will be testing the efficacy of artemisins against XMRV in his patients.

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Herpesviruses - Recent culture cell experiments indicated Artesunate was effective at significantly reducing viral protein production in HHV-6A infected cells. A 2005 in vitro study suggested Artesunate significantly reduced cytomegalovirus replication in cells. Because Artesunate effects HHV-6 early in its life cycle it may hold special promise in the kind of smoldering infections that may occur in chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). Artesunate’s effects on herpesviruses, however, have not been well studied with just five studies published to date. Interest in this drug appears to be increasing, however, three of the five studies were published in 2008.

Artesunate kan werkzaam zijn bij ME/CVS omdat het herpesactiviteit kan verminderen bij sommige patiënten. Het gebruik hiervan is echter hoogst experimenteel.

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