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New name for CFS

World Class Experts recommend new name for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

An announcement from ProHealth Founder Rich Carson:

The CFS Name Change Advisory Board - whose combined research and clinical experience totals more than 150 years - met in Florida January 12 (zie 'IACFS conferentie 2007'), and reached a consensus agreement that a new name should be adopted for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. While it is certain that no name will please all patients, the group feels that the new name they propose will improve the legitimacy of the disease, and remove the stigma of having a disease with 'fatigue' as the primary descriptor. Their report follows.

CFS Name change advisory committee

CFS Name Change Advisory Committee, from left: Drs. Anthony Komaroff, David Bell, Nancy Klimas, Leonard Jason,
Charles Lapp, Lucinda Bateman, Paul Cheney.

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  1. Andere benaming
    Ons Forum laat het al zien hoe gevoelig benaming en bijhorend stigma ligt.
    Bedankt Zuiderzon

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