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Date(s) - 05/10/2011
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Following the success of the inaugural Frontiers of Retrovirology meeting in 2009, this second conference will bring together leading human retrovirus researchers to review current progress and to chart future challenges.

The research field of retrovirology is still booming.

HIV affects 33 million individuals worldwide and 25 million have died from AIDS. A quarter of a century after the discovery of HIV-1, a curative or a vaccine strategy for AIDS remains elusive.

The XMRV retrovirus of mouse origin has recently been implicated in diverse human diseases.

HTLV and the oncogenic properties of diverse animal retroviruses remain an important topic of cancer research.

The sequencing of several host genomes has provided an intriguing picture of the role played by endogenous retroviruses in genome evolution.

At Frontiers of Retrovirology 2011, internationally renowned speakers will present their insights into the principles guiding the life cycle of endogenous retro­elements, complex human retroviruses, and their pathogenic interactions with the hosts.


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