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Date(s) - 23/05/2008
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Sub Grouping and Treatments for ME/CFS

Conferentie – agenda:

  • Professor Malcolm Hooper

    Welcome/Opening Address

  • Dr. Leonard Jason

    Case Definitions of ME/CFS – including paediatric case definition

  • Dr. Jonathan Kerr

    Gene Expression in ME/CFS: a means of Subtyping  

  • Dr. Martin Lerner

    Diagnosis and Treatment of ME/CFS – Longitudinal Observations of Cardiac and Antiviral studies

  • Dr. Julia Newton

    Autonomic Dysfunction: Identification of aetiologically distinct subject groups within ME/CFS

  • Dr John Chia

    Research on the Role of Chronic Enterovirus Infection in CFS/ME

  • Dr. Irving Spurr

    A GP’s Experiences of Diagnosis and Treatments of ME/CFS

  • Dr. Judy Mikovits

    How Sub Grouping will affect research strategies – subtyping based on immunological profiles and infections

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