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Date(s) - 12/08/2017

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gratis live-stream op zaterdag 12 augustus vanaf  18u onze tijd 

registreer je met de Livestream Registration-knop (enkel email-adres nodig) 

voor registratie, agenda en sprekers: https://www.omf.ngo/community-symposium/

This exciting symposium will follow a 2-day meeting of our collaborative team of world-renowned scientists.

To date we have been able to develop a potential diagnostic and treatment screening assay using our new nanofabricated device on a few patients and healthy controls. We have also generated a large amount of molecular data on a few patients, which has pointed to pathways that should help us understand the disease. Our collaborative team meeting will allow for in-depth scientific discussion of ME/CFS research results, and for strategizing on the best way forward for the scientific community.

At the Community Symposium, the scientists will update patients and any interested members of the public on our progress towards understanding the molecular basis of ME/CFS and our plans for the future.


Ron Davis, PhD – last seen using the Seahorse machine to determine if something in ME/CFS patients’ blood is blocking their cells’ energy production. He will be speaking on some early results from the Severe ME/CFS Big Data project.

Bob Naviaux, PhD – last seen publishing a successful pilot drug trial in autism and possibly about to gear up for one in ME/CFS.
Chris Armstrong, PhD – last seen doing a long term metabolomics study and attempting to rejuvenate metabolic functioning in ME/CFS patients.
Jonas Berquist, PhD – last seen doing metabolomics and proteomics studies on the cerebral spinal fluid of ME/CFS patients.
Mario Capecchi, PhD – last seen getting a Nobel Prize and exploring the interface between molecular genetics, the immune system and central nervous system diseases.
Mark Davis, PhD – last seen publishing (with Dr. Montoya) the biggest immune study ever in ME/CFS – which should go far to help legitimize ME/CFS. Ron Davis thinks Mark Davis’ next project involving T-cells may be even more significant. NINDS director, Dr. Koroshetz, also singled out Mark Davis’ findings in the recent NIH Teleconference call. Davis will talk on those findings in the Symposium.
Maureen Hanson, PhD – talk about an exciting project: last seen examining the effect exercise has on the immune system and metabolomics.
Alan Light, PhD – last seen demonstrating how the receptors that react to exercise by-products go bonkers in ME/CFS and FM.
Neil McGregor, PhD – last seen promoting the use of metabolomics to study ME/CFS.
Baldomero Olivera, PhD – last seen developing ion channel drugs to relieve pain.
Wenzhong Xiao, PhD – last seen analyzing the Severe ME/CFS Big Data project results.

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