Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

A biological approach

Auteur: Englebienne, Patrick (Dr.) & De Meirleir, Kenny (Dr.)
Uitgever: Boca Raton : CRC Press
ISBN: 0849310466 / 9780849310461
Jaar: 2002
Pagina’s: 312

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De inhoud van het boek geeft een overzicht van de wetenschappelijke kennis en vooruitgang binnen het CVS-onderzoek, de diagnose en de behandeling ervan. Boek is vooral bedoeld voor medici en wetenschappelijk onderzoekers

  • Includes advances in virology, bacteriology, immunology, protein chemistry and biochemistry, physiology and metabolism, pharmacology, clinical biology, and epidemiology
  • Presents diseases eventually acquired by CFS patients such as cancer, aging, and cell death
  • Sheds new light and insights for the specialist biomedical scientist and physician
  • Describes new molecular aspects of the biochemistry involved, pointing to the implications for the diagnosis and treatment of the disease

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a complex, debilitating disorder, yet few current scientific biomedical books are available on the subject. The nonspecific symptoms, lack of diagnostic tests, and uncertainty as to the cause or causes of CFS make the disease that much more baffling. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Biological Approach represents a monumental step in the journey to a unified understanding of CFS and establishes a scientific basis for treatment.

The book provides a rare treatise on current state of the art with respect to the worldwide scientifically documented basis of CFS and acknowledges the many as yet undiscovered or undefined pathogenic mechanisms involved in the production of symptoms. The authors, reflecting their clinical and basic research backgrounds, outline future research imperatives and direct clinicians toward appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

Because of the multifactorial aspects of the disease, the book addresses various fields of the biomedical sciences, such as protein biochemistry, virology, and pharmacology. Many recent, biological discoveries help us better understand the physiology of this disease and improve the specificity of its diagnosis by laboratory tests. This book summarizes these advances and discusses insights that support CFS as a distinct and specific physical disease. Overall, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Biological Approach provides a firm foundation understanding of CFS, opening the way for better diagnosis and design of new therapies

Table of contents:

  • Introduction.
  • Chapter 1. Interferon and the 2-5A Pathway.
  • Chapter 2. RNase L: Overview of a Multifaceted Protein.
  • Chapter 3. A 37-kDa RNase L: A novel form of RNase L associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  • Chapter 4. Ribonuclease L Inhibitor: A memeber of the ATP-binding Cassette Superfamily.
  • Chapter 5. The 2-5A Pathway and Signal Transduction: a possible link to immune disregulation and fatigue.
  • Chapter 6. Immune Cell Apoptosis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  • Chapter 7. RNase L, Symptoms, Biochemistry of Fatigue and Pain, and Co-morbid disease.
  • Chapter 8. CFS Etiology, the Immune system and Infection.
  • Chapter 9. Current advances in CFS Therapy.
  • Chapter 10. From laboratory to patient care.

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