WE & ME Foundation


With a sense of urgency, we rally for recognition, education, and research, aiming to ensure that every individual with ME/CFS receives the compassionate and effective care, as well as the necessary support they deserve, and ultimately a cure.

The Story

The WE&ME Foundation (formerly TEMPI Foundation) was established in 2020 by the Ströck family and is situated in Vienna, Austria, where the family is renowned for their “Ströck” bakeries, which have delighted generations with their baked goods.

The Ströck family’s journey has been profoundly influenced by the impact of ME/CFS, shaping the essence and purpose of the WE&ME Foundation with unwavering determination. Two brothers, Christoph and Philipp Ströck, both affected by ME/CFS, guide the foundation’s mission. Christoph, the younger sibling, was diagnosed in 2016 after years of illness, and his condition worsened due to misconceptions surrounding ME/CFS. In 2018, Philipp, the older sibling, also received a diagnosis.

The family’s firsthand experience revealed the scarcity of doctors with expertise in diagnosing and treating ME/CFS. Over the years, the Ströck family has come to realize the significance of the grievances surrounding social security and support for the millions of affected ME/CFS patients.

The ongoing shortage of professionals in this field has led to patients being left to navigate their journey for diagnosis and necessary assistance independently, a situation that frequently contributes to irreversible deterioration in patients’ health. In many cases, they are unable to return to their jobs, leading to a lack of social security support. The situation patients and their loved ones find themselves in on top of the reality of this cruel illness are entirely unacceptable.

Initially self-funded, the foundation now strives to raise funds and awareness for research to improve the situation for patients and their loved ones.

The Ströck family and the dedicated WE&ME team are committed to funding groundbreaking research that unveils the complexities of ME/CFS, moving closer to effective treatments and a cure. Our unwavering commitment, we hope, is reflected in every initiative we undertake, as we strive to alleviate the burdens imposed by ME/CFS.